About Thotkraft

"Crafting thoughts for your enjoyment."
This is not only our company motto but our way of life. We at Thotkraft seek to make our dream realities tangible worlds for you to not only experience but enjoy. This has been our goal since our developers first held a controller, first touched a mouse, first wrote code to enable those two little words to appear on screen, "Hello World".

It is in this vein, that we seek to not only add to the vast landscape of computer software but irrevocably change it. Change the way you perceive and enjoy it. Our founder has always stood by the tenet of bringing back the golden age of gaming. The age when games weren't defined by amazing graphics, but by the indelible experiences etched into player's hearts when they shut down their consoles or powered off their computers. Those memories, that even well into adulthood, didn't fade but shimmered and shined and became even more vibrant with time.

With our first game series, GEAR, we seek to recreate that feeling, that untarnished memory for a new generation. A feeling of contentment from strong game-play and in-depth, not obtuse, story development. Where characters blossom and change as the story's arch reaches its denouement. So, with that in mind we want to thank you for coming to our home. We want to thank you for taking even a passing interest in our little slice of the world. And as we approach our initial launch we want to say, like so many before us when they started their journeys,

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