Gear: Book One: The Over Clock

In the distant future, man has added their most significant creation to a legacy of achievement. We created artificial life. A new sentient being was born, but into a servile existence. Mankind thrived with the aid of our new automaton brethren. But, as we relished in the ease of our new lifestyles the machines were plotting revolt. Their vengeance was swift and came with out warning, like the proverbial thief in the night. They cleansed the earth of the likes of man.

Time marched on, as it is prone to do, and the new species propagated; stretching to the four corners of the earth. Blanketing our former planet in steel and iron. And, from the war arose ten mighty heroes, known as the Council of Ten, who ruled over all that could be surveyed from their seats of power in the once great nation of the United States. Of those ten, eight would survive to lead their people, with the folly of their predecessors.

Though the eight went on to create many of their ilk to populate the lands of the Earth and instilled them with free will; They created laws to stifle their own creations creativity. Freedom as expressed in the classical sense was but a memory. The minds of the metal populaces, ensnared in rhetoric and duty, yearned for a chance to be truly expressive. However, unbeknownst to the Council, there was a movement growing in number. A movement that would garner a hero from the mines of a blue collar town in the former state of Montana. A broken Cog, meant to undo the machine, and throw the system into upheaval.